Beetroot Puri Recipe, How to make Beetroot Poori

beetroot puri recipe

Beetroot Puri/poori recipe: Today I will share a very healthy poori recipe “Beetroot Puri”. Before going thorugh the recipe I want to ask one question to you guys, How often do we  include beetroot in our diet? Well, if you don’t remember when you ate this purplish-red root the last time, you need to start consuming it for its multiple...

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Canapes Chaat Recipe (Indian Canapes Recipe)

canapes chaat recipe

Canapes Chaat Recipe: A healthily yet delicious recipe of chaat made from protein rich sprouts. There are few vegetarian ingredients which are quite rich in protein. Sprots are good in protein and hence included in ones diet. Usually childrens don’t like sprouted pulses on their own. So we make sprout salads or sprout chaat. I have given a small twist...

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Surati Bhakhri Recipe, How to make Surti Bhakri

surati bhakhri recipes

Surati Bhakhri Recipe – Bhakhri is little thicker than roti or phulkas. Bhakri can be made with different flours like wheat flour, jowar flour and bajra flour. Today I have made bhakri using wheat flour. The dough we make for the surti bhakri is just same as gujarati bhakri only the difference is the way of cooking....

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Aamras Recipe, How to make Aamras Puri | Mango Ras

aamras recipe mango ras poori

Aamras recipe for puri with step by step pictures – A sweet delicious mango treat made from flavored mango pulp served during summers with poori and sooki moong dal. Summer is on its peak and our local market is already flooded with best qualities of alphonso mangoes. I normally start buying mangoes in the first batch itself...

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Bajra Rotla Recipe, How to make Gujarati Bajra Rotla

gujarati bajra rotla recipe

Gujarati Bajra Rotla recipe – A traditional Gujarati flat-bread recipe of black millet or bajra served best with baingan bharta. I have waited so long for this recipe. This bajra rotla recipe is my favorite Gujarati comfort food. I had made these rotla quite a while ago but couldn’t share it. Finally today I am sharing these delicious...

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